1. All fees must be paid on scheduled time.
2. Parents/ Guardians cannot enter the dormitories. They should report to the school office. The student, with per
mission from the Warden / Matron would then be allowed to meet the visitors in the office.
3. No border would be allowed out of the school without a written authorization note from the parent. Kindly
make sure to mention a contact telephone number in your letter (or an E-mail id/fax no)
4. Parents / Guardians are permitted to meet their wards on stipulated day of each month only with the prior permission of the Principal. No other person is allowed to meet the students. They are not allowed to enter the dormitories or the classrooms.
5. Parents will not be allowed to take their wards out of the hostel during working days
6. No request to send children with an escort or by themselves would be entertained.
7. Students would not be permitted to make phone calls during weekdays. However, messages would be received and passed on to their wards only under extraordinary circumstances. Phone calls could be made by parents on weekends.
8. Expenses towards ticket (Air / Rail / Road) and escort must be paid in advance to the school office before a request for booking/s is / are made to the school office.
9. All students must follow the daily programme – which includes getting up on time and participation in meditation and prayer. This is compulsory and without exception.
10. Prep time in the morning must be used to go through the lessons (subject wise) that are planned for the day. The
evening prep time on the other hand should be used for completion of homework (subject wise). Walking around and talking in the study hall is not permitted.
11. Uniform/s as specified must be worn by all.
(This includes not just the school uniform but also uniforms on the sports fields).
12. Wearing of blazers is compulsory for all students (for all school functions).
13. All boarders must assemble outside the hostel during evening after laying time.. Roll call would be taken before
morning and Evening Prep.
14. Wearing borrowed clothes is forbidden.
15. Laundry clothes should be left in the laundry bag on the due day. No clothes will be accepted after the due date.

16. Boys hair must be short enough so they do not cover the ears or fall across the forehead, or cover the shirt collar.
17. Girls with shoulder length hair must tie them up with ribbons.
18. Small ear studs are to be worn only by the girls. No chains, rings and other earrings are allowed to be worn by either girls or boys. Boarders should not bring in jewellery, except a pair of studs (not rings or drops) to be worn only by girl students.
19. The girls shall not bring any dress that is sleeveless and / or transparent.
20. Children who do not look after their belongings would warrant disciplinary action.
21. Girls should not move out of their hostel without a lady escort at all times.
22. Movement about the school, especially in the corridors should be orderly – keeping to the right hand side and without making any noise
23. Do not write on or disfigure the walls, or cause damage to furniture’s (desks/cots/ cupboards), sanitary fittings etc., a fine would be levied which would include the cost of replacing the damaged item. Repeated occurrence would lead to strong action.
24. Theft would be treated seriously. Any student found guilty of it, would be immediately suspended and may be permanently expelled. Suspension would be awarded only by the Principal after a proper enquiry. Reporting of a theft must be immediate.
25. Leaving the school premises without the permission of the Principal is prohibited. Students found outside the school premises without the permission of the Principal could be expelled on the spot and parents asked to take away the student.
26. A healthy relationship between boys and girls is encouraged. Unhealthy relationship between boys and girls will not be tolerated and the offender / offenders will be immediately dealt with, with punishment that could also include expulsion.
27. Students would be permitted to bring only one set of colour clothes, which may be worn on the student’s birthday. On all other days the student should conform to the stipulated dress code. Rules applicable to senior students(Besides rules 1 to 27)
28. Possession of tobacco, cigarettes or any other addictive substance, would result in expulsion of the student.
29. Any form of Aggression, Rowdyism, and Manhandling of juniors may result in very strict disciplinary action.
30. Repeated failure to comply with rules and regulations and any form of in subordination with school / dorm staff may result in expulsion.